Tomas Borsa 

Tomas Borsa is a  journalist, documentary filmmaker and scholar. Presently a doctoral candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute, he is  interested in the interplay of political mobilisation and digital technologies, particularly as this relates to Indigenous sovereignty movements. His research at the OII examines the visual communications repertoires of Indigenous peoples in an era of digital ‘nativism’; more specifically, he is interested in the appropriation of digital technologies as a mode of cultural praxis in Haida Gwaii.  His  graduate dissertation at the London School of Economics,: “Truth on Trial: Indigenous News Media” investigated the ways in which Indigenous community news organizations framed the impetus, outcomes, and viability of the mandate of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Recipient of the Communication and Media Studies Research Network’s 2017 Award, his expertise lies in alternative and community media communication across Indigenous and remote communities. Acclaimed feature film, Line in the Sand, was filmed in communities along the proposed route of the Northern Gateway pipeline and screened internationally. He is founder/editor-in-chief of the international research journal UnMediated: Journal of Politics and Communication.