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ASAD Network

The North contains a vast set of knowledge and skills, built over generations by indigenous peoples and other northerners and manifested in the region’s modern institutions of knowledge held by communities – for the future of the arts, design and visual culture in the Circumpolar North!

The Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design (ASAD) is a Thematic Network that aims to identify and share contemporary and innovative practices in teaching, learning, research and knowledge exchange in the fields of arts, design and visual culture education. Members of the network include art and design institutions and art education universities across the circumpolar area. The network provides opportunities to combine traditional knowledge with contemporary academic knowledge cultures in northern academic institutions.

NACER - Northern Art Community and Environment Research

Northern Art, Community and Environment Research (NACER) is a research group led by professors Timo Jokela, Mirja Hiltunen and Glen Coutts, in which visual art education and applied visual art are researched and developed in a northern context.  The term NACER(a Spanish verb) means to be born, to come into the world; to develop, to originate, to have its source, to start, to grow and it resonates  well with the place-specific and socially engaged orientation of the group. NACER reflects the changing socio-cultural circumstances in the North and seeks to investigate future directions for socially effective and sensitive initiatives that use arts-based methods to bring benefits to local circumstances. Group members combine an understanding of visual art education as a social activity with a strong vision of the innovative potential of contemporary art. Methodologically, the group share an interest in the development and application of Art-Based Action Research (ABAR). ABAR is an approach that aims to develop the professional methods and working approaches of the artist-teacher-researcher or artist-researcher in addition to seeking solutions to known problems and future visions in environments and communities.