Selected Projects 

My artistic work grapples with the body, my body as it has witnessed material and metaphysical landscapes changing and continually impacted, shaken and consumed by corporate resource extraction. What is important to me in making and presenting my work is to engage with and critique how the value of land and natural resources are created and assessed through Western measures of wealth (social, economic, environmental, power, ownership) and how these types of evaluations impact cultural lifeways in the Canadian wilderness, which is still considered an untapped frontier for natural resources. My praxis is sparked by strategies of Indigenous resistance to neo-colonization, embodied knowledge and everyday acts of decolonization as ways to understand the imaginary Canadian “true North” and industrial reverberations felt by those who live downstream.


Documentation of Khohk’ātskets’mā Performance

Photo by Marcus A. Gordon

tsema project 1.png

Your Indigenous Tour Guide
Small Practices of Deep Looking, FUSE

Performance in Responce to Emily Carr Painting, Scorned as Timber, Beloved as Sky
Curated by Cheyanne Turians
Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, Canada
Images by Scott Little

tsema project 2.png