Petro-Mama: Mothering in a Crude World, a short film inspired by a creative non-fiction piece of the same name by Sheena Wilson, explores the distress of a mother rushing her sick preschooler to the doctor against the backdrop of congested traffic in an oil refinery community.

Petro-Mama links the personal with the political. In a tense and evocative moment, the film parallels a mother’s desperation as she deals with her young son’s acute respiratory attack, with our collective suffocation in a culture defined by oil production and a boom-and-bust economy.

Concerned with our environmental future, the academic mother in the story provokes viewers to question how this storied instance links local and private experiences to social, political, economic, and environmental futures that we must together begin to imagine, when the film comes to an end.

Film Credits:
Written and Directed by Sheena Wilson.
Cinematography and Soundtrack by Daniel Holden.
Doctor played by Ashley Wright.
Boy played by Tejas Pandhi.